What is the follower?

The Follower's Benefits

The follower who lacks trading knowledge can be a successful investor via SmartCopyTrade

Generally, The follower lacks trading and risk management knowledge. Simply, the follower can choose the preference of Traders in our community via easy setup functions wiith automatic tradingRegister
step 01

Binding With Your MT4 Account

We highly recommend that the follower must bind with the MT4 Real-Account and the trading password for following the Trader. Please do no hesitate to be a successful follower in our community

step 02

Choose The Trader You Prefer

You can choose one trader or multi ones, then simply clicking Follow button

step 03

Set the Following Strategy

Lot sizing can also be changed by using the settings in the below Either UseFixedLotSize or LotSizeMultiplier

step 04

Easy To Check The Trader You Follow

Log on the client portal. In the option of the Following MT4, you can easily check how many the traders you follow, resetup the parameter and disconnect your MT4 account from the Trader

step 05

Setup Risk Management To Protect Your MT4 Account

You can activate the StopTradingBelowEquity function that attempts to close all its existing orders if the account's equity is equal to or falls below the amount you setup You can activate the MaxLots function so that it does not lead to a dangerously large value, If you want to prevent an order bigger than the amount you setup being traded

step 06

Check If The Follower Duplicates The Trader's Order Successfully

In the following MT4 option of the client portal, you can clearly check all records about if thete is the failure of duplicating the Trader's order.

step 07

Easy To Check All Transactions of Orders Duplicated From The Trader

In the client portal, you can check all transactions and the fees of duplicating the trader's order