What is the trader?

The Trader's Benefits

The Trader not only can get plenty of incomes due to sharing its trading order, but also can use our unique analysis system for the Trader's performance

Signaling party
The requirement of becoming one of our traders must have well-experienced at trading and risk management. Meanwhile, the trader' account must have stable profitability and the trader has to bind with its real MT4 account in our community to demostrate its performance via our unique analysis system for the followerRegister
step 01

Blinding With Real MT4 Account

The trader's trading account must be a real MT4 account rather than demo one. The trader only needs to enter its investor password then its MT4 account's performance will be demonstrated on our trader area

step 02

Check Out The number And Statistics Of The Followers

In the option of the trading MT4, the client portal system can easily demonstrates how many the followers who are sticky to the trader's MT4 account. Meanwhile, the performance of the followers' MT4 accounts and the following way can be demonstrated clearly

step 03

Calculate How Many Credit That The Trader Can Get Due To Sharing Its Trading Signal

In the option of the trading MT4, the trader can examine each signal order sent to the follower and profits resulted from sharing its trading signal

step 04

Request To Withdrawal Cash From Credit

The Trader can request to withdrawal cash from its credit. One credit is equal to one CNY.